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We hear stories daily on how app-based rideshare and delivery services are helping get people to work and medical appointments and delivering warm meals and groceries and supplies. And we want to hear YOUR stories!

I used to be an Uber/Lyft driver. I am a single mom and having the flexibility to turn the app off and on when I needed very helpful. I was able to drop off and pick up my kids from school, help them with homework, get them fed, and then hit the road again to make some money. I did this gig full time and didn't have another job to rely on for income. There were some months where I needed a little bit more money and all I needed to do was drive a little bit more to make ends meet. I loved the idea of being my own boss, making my own hours, and not having to answer to anyone if I needed to call out sick or take a vacation. I used to work in a corporate office and had very little time with my kids. They loved it when things changed and I became a driver. Now, my 2 older daughters rely on Uber/Lyft to get to school. They are now in college and can choose to get a car. But, they care about the environment and don't want to add another car to the street. They also know that taking rideshare - or even ordering from a delivery service - is helping another family the way that it helped us when we needed it. We order DoorDash at least once a week hoping to help a driver in need. I love that they think about how this impacts other people and the environment. If app-based drivers are unable to drive it would be devastating to our economy. If I didn't have the extra income needed when I was a driver, I probably would have needed to move out of California. Rent is so high here and I wouldn't be able to afford it.

Jennina D.

Linda Mar, CA

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