Evelyn D.

Uber, Lyft | San Diego, CA

I needed something that provided me with more flexibility

I used to work a full-time job, but I was never home with my children. So I needed something that provided me with more flexibility. Now our family has grown and getting an ordinary job is something that is more challenging because we don't have a babysitter for our children. I work when my husband gets home from his job. If it wasn't for Uber and Lyft, I honestly have no idea where the other half of the income that is needed monthly would come from. Lyft and Uber have been a real blessing and I hope it continues to be. In addition, when I was expecting, I knew maternity leave wouldn't be an option. Therefore, I saved as much as I could, I was able to give myself two months off from work, which was more than enough for me.

Evelyn D.

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