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Why Drivers Support
Yes on Prop 22:


the ability of app-based drivers to choose independent work

Protects the ability of app-based drivers to choose to work as independent contractors with control over where, when, how long and for who they work.


drivers new benefits and protections

Provides new benefits for app-based drives such as guaranteed minimum earnings and new health care benefits.


hundreds of thousands of jobs

Saves hundreds of thousands of California jobs at a time when millions are struggling to pay their bills.


food and grocery delivery and rideshare services that millions rely on

Keeps app-based services available and affordable for millions of Californians who rely on these services daily.


strong new public safety protections

Implements strong new public safety protections such as recurring background checks of drivers and mandatory safety courses.

App-Based Drivers Prefer to be Independent Contractors

More than 80% of drivers work less than 20 hours a week, have other jobs or responsibilities, and can’t work set shifts as employees:

  • Parents who work while kids are in school;
  • Family members who work odd hours so they can care for aging parents or other loved ones;
  • Working families, retirees and students who need supplemental income.

What Drivers are Saying

App-Based Rideshare & Delivery Drivers support Proposition 22


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