Save App-Based Delivery for Your Restaurant and Customers

The Problem

App-Based Delivery Services Are At Risk

  • Sacramento politicians are trying to take away the ability of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors.
  • This law threatens to destroy the on-demand system that quickly matches customer demand with the availability of mostly part-time drivers working as independent contractors.
  • This could lead to significantly higher delivery prices, much longer wait times, and the elimination of services in many communities for restaurants, grocers and their customers.
    • Prices could increase by more than 35%
    • Higher prices and longer wait times would reduce delivery volume for restaurants by 20%


Prop 22 Saves App-Based Services

Protects the ability of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors with flexible work schedules
Preserves affordable access to food and grocery delivery and rideshare services for restaurants and customers
Implements strong new customer safety protections
Provides drivers new benefits including minimum earnings guarantee and health care
Saves hundreds of thousands of CA jobs

Endorsed by:

  • California Small Business Association
  • California Chamber of Commerce
  • CA Black Chamber of Commerce
  • CalAsian Chamber of Commerce
  • CA Hispanic Chambers of Commerce
  • California Peace Officers’ Association
  • California Taxpayer Protection Committee
  • CA Senior Advocates League
  • More than 119,000 California app-based drivers

Paid for by Yes on 22 – Save App-Based Jobs & Services: a coalition of on-demand drivers and platforms, small businesses, public safety and community organizations. Committee major funding from Uber Technologies, Lyft, and DoorDash.

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