Prop 22 Protects Public Safety & Keeps our Roads Safe

App-based rideshare services have significantly reduced DUIs and are keeping the public safer. According to studies by the University of California at Davis and Moll Law Group, DUI arrests decreased by 32 percent in San Diego, 28 percent in San Jose, 26 percent in Sacramento and 14 percent in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco-Oakland region in the two years after ride sharing began in each of these areas.

The Problem

New legislation threatens to make it illegal for app-based drivers to choose to work as independent contractors. This law would eliminate hundreds of thousands of app-based jobs, increase wait times and prices, and even cause a permanent shutdown of services in many areas. Limiting the availability of rideshare services will mean more drunk and impaired drivers get behind the wheel.

The Solution

Proposition 22 Protects Drivers and Customers

Protects the ability of app-based drivers to choose to work as independent contractors with control over where, when, how long and for who they work.

Improves the quality of app-based work by requiring app-based platforms to provide drivers: guaranteed hourly earnings, per mile compensation towards expenses, funding for health benefits for drivers who work at least 15 hours per week, medical and disability coverage for injuries and illnesses on the job, and protections against discrimination and sexual harassment.

Prop 22 Implements Strong New Public Safety Protections
  • Continuous background checks of drivers.
  • “Zero tolerance” policy that mandates prompt suspension of drivers – until further investigation - reasonably suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Requires app-based companies to provide law enforcement a 24/7 method to aid in investigations related to emergency situations and critical incidents.
  • Prohibits drivers from utilizing a rideshare platform if ever convicted of any violent felony, serious felony or any hate crime.
  • Requires app-based drivers to undergo mandatory safety training.
  • Institutes a cap on driver hours in order to prevent sleepy or distracted driving.

Endorsed by:

  • More than 120,000 app-based drivers
  • California State Sheriffs Association
  • California Peace Officers’ Association
  • California Police Chiefs Association
  • Crime Victims United of California
  • California State NAACP
  • Black Women Organized for Political Action
  • More than 70+ groups

The California State Sheriffs Association supports Prop 22 because it ensures rideshare services will continue to be available when they’re needed most, reducing the likelihood that drunk and impaired drivers will get behind the wheel. Provisions like mandatory safety training, 24-hour access to law enforcement to coordinate in emergencies, and recurring background checks will further improve the safety of these services that millions of Californians rely on every day.

Sheriff David Robinson Kings County and 1st Vice President of the California State Sheriffs’ Association.

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