Do you rely on App-Based Rideshare and/or Delivery Services? Tell us your Story!

  • We hear stories daily on how app-based rideshare and delivery services are helping get people to work and medical appointments and delivering warm meals and groceries and supplies.

    We want to hear how you use rideshare and delivery!

  • Here are some helpful questions to keep in mind as you prepare your story:

    • How do you rely on essential rideshare and delivery services?
    • If rideshare or delivery services were to go away, how would that impact you?
    • Do you care that app-based drivers will be unable to drive? What will the lost income mean for them?
    • Tell us why app-based work is so important in this economy.
  • Share With Us How Rideshare & Delivery Drivers Have Helped You:

  • Please upload an image you feel comfortable sharing via Yes on 22 digital properties. Not required to submit your story.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

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