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For immediate release: Jun. 16, 2020
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Statement from the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Coalition Regarding San Francisco District Attorney Lawsuit that Seeks to Shut Down Independent App-Based Work

SACRAMENTOIn response to a lawsuit filed today in San Francisco Superior Court by San Francisco District Attorney’s Office against DoorDash, the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services coalition released the following statement. NOTE: This lawsuit applies to DoorDash drivers statewide, not just in San Francisco.

Driver Jim Pyatt, delivery driver

“The politicians are clueless and out of touch. At a time when we have record unemployment and 4 million Californians out of work, the politicians are pushing to shut down independent app-based work for nearly 1 million Californians like me. Make no mistake, the San Francisco District Attorney’s action could result in the widespread loss of work for hundreds of thousands of Californians state who are choosing to do app-based work and who need this income, especially now. It’s shameful they’re siding with special interests instead of ordinary, struggling Californians.”

Stacey Wells, campaign spokesperson

“By a 4-1 margin, surveys show app-based drivers overwhelmingly want to work as independent contractors, and not employees. More than 80% of drivers work less than 20 hours a week to supplement income from other jobs or to work around other responsibilities. Forcing employment will result in the loss of 900,000 jobs statewide. That’s terrible policy anytime, and particularly in a down economy. Actions like these are exactly why we’re pursuing and intend to pass our ballot measure that will protect the ability of app-based drivers to choose independent work, while also providing new benefits and protections for drivers.”

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